PRESS RELEASE: Esports Ecosystem Partners with EVO

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Esports Ecosystem , a blockchain-based esports company, has officially partnered with EVO , the largest fighting game tournament in the world.

Evolution championship series (EVO) is an esports gaming series that has been hosting fighting games since 1996. Attracting players from all over the world, the popularity of these events have been increasing tremendously over the years. The most talented players of the said gaming genre compete against each other to win the sponsored prizes. So far, EVO tournaments have had a combined prize pool of about $1.5 million.

However, there is still a lot of untapped potential and room for improvement in these esports competitions. Esports Ecosystem aims to solve these shortcomings by leveraging blockchain technology. With the creation and use of a standard cryptocurrency for all of esports, the company is on a mission to empower gamers.

eSports Ecosystem (ESE) Cryptocurrency

By creating a de facto cryptocurrency called eSports Ecosystem (ESE), the company intends to spur the growth and facilitation of the eSports ecosystem. The cryptocurrency will be used to sponsor payouts and incentives to players. It also intends to serve for additional purposes such as entry fees into tournaments, to trade gaming merchandise on-site or online, funding prize pools, sponsoring players, creating gaming scholarships and marketing of esports in general. The idea is that these activities will help ramp up adoption which will in turn allow this cryptocurrency to compliment fiat in the esports world.

A crowd sale for this cryptocurrency is going to take place in late October after concluding a presale in September. 17% of the entire initial token supply will be reserved for the aforementioned activities.

Advantages of the ESE Cryptocurrency

Making a full-time job out of playing esports was almost unheard of a decade ago. With the advancements in game development and the rising interests among audiences, the field has seen significant success with a decent amount of gamers even making it their profession. However, the number is still exceedingly low in the larger scheme of things. Casual gamers do not really have an incentive to continue down that path given that they do not make any significant earning from it. This is because the sponsored prizes are reserved for a small percentage of top performers.

eSports Ecosystem cryptocurrency will resolve this issue by adding ESE tokens (from) the reserve community wallet to increase the size of the total prize pool. This will increase the participation because players are incentivized to continue playing in the light of the increased payout structure.

Additionally, most tournament organizers currently make little to no money from the events they host. In fact, most of the events are unsustainable in the long term. By utilizing the ESE tokens the events can be streamlined, self-sustainable and leave more freedom for the event organizers.

The funds from the community wallet will, in turn, lead to more such events driving the popularity of eSports further creating a cycle of benefits. The eSports ecosystem team is currently working on building many real-world applications for the ESE currency within the esports industry. The wider adoption it garners, the better it can be utilized to compliment prize pools and help sustain existing events.

Staking Rewards

eSports Ecosystem offers an in wallet daily staking rewards mechanism so holders can passively earn ESE over time. With the proprietary convenient mobile wallet, users can send and receive ESE with ease.

ESE Loyalty Nodes

In addition to the staking rewards, there is an ESE Loyalty Nodes program used to further reward holders. These economic staking incentives contribute to the future appreciation of the ESE token value. The inflationary model has a maturity period to reach the maximum bonus reward. Meaning every 7 days users will be able to achieve 25% of the maximum bonus reward and so on.

After 28 days users will be able to continue receiving the maximum bonus reward until they drop or upgrade their position of tokens.

eSports Partnerships

As evident from the cryptocurrency model, there is a huge market that can utilize the potential of ESE tokens. eSports Ecosystem’s partnership with EVO will enable it to sponsor the events held to establish itself. This is definitely only the beginning of several such potential partnerships with eSports giants. By the means of the protocol, the ESE cryptocurrency can establish itself as the standard cryptocurrency for all of the esports world.

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