PRESS RELEASE: EOS is Currently the most used Blockchain in the World (Stats)

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August 2, 2018
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August 3, 2018

During this digital age term ‘blockchain ‘ seems to be everywhere you go. Everyday improving blockchain technologies, rising government support, summits, adoptions, blockchain start ups are only a few positive sides in term of blockchain which leads us to one fact – blockchain is the future of all – trust, speed, reliability, convenience.

EOS blockchain is currently the most used in the world

According to blocktivity more than 7 800 000 operations were performed inside EOS blockchain in 24 hours and has average number of 7 000 000 operations in EOS blockchain in last 7 days. This is 48.7% of operations within all blockchains in the world. By the way, EOS blockchain also has a record of 9 441 232 operations in 24 hours .

The list of Top 10 most active blockchains in the world

Here’s the list of top 10 the currently the most used blockchains. However, we do not see Bitcoin in Top 3, not even in Top 5. Bitcoin is currently in 6th possition with 232 341 operations in 24 hours .


This proves that EOS created extremely attractive, wide and trusted crypto-asset. We should also mention, that BitShares (BTS) is also doing a good job in second place with over 4 600 000 operations in 24 hours.

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