PRESS RELEASE: EOS Became The Most Used Blockchain (Top 10 List)

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October 25, 2018
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October 25, 2018

Cryptocurrency markets seem to be “snoozing”. It is not even so volatile anymore as the trading volume is low. Many traders and cryptocurrency fanatics believe in “silence before the storm” scenario while skeptics keep shouting about bitcoin going to under $5000.

However, usage of blockchains and making crypto transactions are active ever since the market crash started in February 2018 and is only being adopted by a wider number of people. For the record, yesterday totally sum of $ 8 188 743 531 (~$8.2 billion) worth of $USD was sent within the last 24h in TOP 5 cryptocurrencies only.

EOS is Currently the Worlds Most Active Blockchain

After being the number one blockchain in a number of operations within blockchain in the middle of September 2018 BitShares had to give up and welcome EOS as new, the most used blockchain in the world with 3,559,367 operations on the blockchain during the last 7 days . According to blocktivity it is 43,5% of all operations within blockchains globally.

The TOP 10 most used blockchains

What’s interesting about this list is that in 10th place we have DOGE who overtakes such giants like Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Dash, Monero and others with times bigger market caps. The TOP 5 list doesn’t change much over the time but we see in 4th place Bitcoin and Ethereum in 5th place. BitShares, of course, is doing a great job as it always were a top 3 most used blockchain for most of the time.

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