PRESS RELEASE: Electroneum Works at Full Capacity to Deliver the Fairer Cloud Mining

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After a few reported issues with the existing Electroneum mobile miner (crashing while mining) ETN CEO Richard Ells turned to the community with the announcement.

After hours spent on eliminating the ETN mobile miner issues, Electroneum team have taken the decision to better spent racing to finish off a number of projects including cloud mining. The CEO thinks that it will roll out as a much better replacement to the existing system.

The team members are working hard on it and three more coders will join ETN on upcoming projects soon.

Two Secret Projects and ETN Cloud Mining

In an ETN community’s forum, Richard Ells expressed that two secret projects will be rolled out soon and presented during the MWC19 in Barcelona. He said:

“We also have a streamlined user registration process, the final rollout of our finished KYC system and two secret projects that you’ll have to wait for MWC in Barcelona in February to see.”

However, the team is currently aiming to get cloud mining live as fast as possible as Electroneum’s version of cloud mining will be much advanced. It will make the mobile mining process much fairer for the people in developing nations as they can still mine the same amount by only connecting to the internet 4 times per month as someone who is connected 24/7.

At a current pace, ETN team expects to launch cloud mining before this Christmas 2018, at a latest, in January 2019. The whole dev team, except the blockchain guys, are on it.

To clarify, the blockchain guys are working on the next blockchain release but Electroneum CEO Richard Ells didn’t disclosed much about it saying more on that – later.

The First Cloud Mining Tests Will Land on iOS

According to the release the first place ETN cloud mining will be tested is iOS and only 10,000 BETA testers will be accepted. After testing for a week or so the team expects to launch the full app for Apple devices and at a later stage – an android update to give cloud mining to everyone.

This new improvement is huge because of the fairness and because it has some anti-bot technology that’s never been used before, which should help Electroneum’s network too, as it is plagued by robotic attempted fraud.

The CEO of Electroneum concluded:

“So I’m sorry if you are not mining what you expect, or if you are experiencing our app crashing while mining. We are working on not just a fix but a MASSIVE improvement, which will make our growth in the regions we are targeting hundreds of times stronger.”

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