PRESS RELEASE: Edgewater Markets Records 100% RUB Volume Gains In 2020

PRESS RELEASE: Edgewater Markets Records 100% RUB Volume Gains In 2020
January 25, 2021
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January 26, 2021

Multi-asset electronic trading solution Edgewater Markets has announced that its trading volume for gold and silver spot trading rose to $500 million in 2020.

The figure doubled from the previous year’s trading volume figure, which showed an impressive performance for the trading market.

Institutional sales director at Edgewater Markets’ EMEA Telmo Simoes stated that the impressive figure is a result of a lot of developmental and partnership processes the firm has engaged.

He said a culmination of efficient global client distribution, credit remediation, and local Russian partnerships have helped the company to attain such a level of trading volumes.

Edgewater Markets was established in 2009 to offer solutions to electronic workflow management. Since its establishment, the firm has expanded its operational capacities and now offers precious metal and FX services to over 300 global institutional clients.

Edgewater Markets also busy in the labor market

The company has been very busy lately, especially in the labor market. In a bid to expand its operational capacity and product offerings, Edgewater Markets has made notable additions to its workforce.

Senior Software Developer Jilong Chen was recently appointed to lead the company’s technology team in its New York headquarters. According to the company, Chen will help Edgewater Markets “propel its technology to the next level.”

There have been other technical hires just weeks before Chen’s appointment.

Rapid expansion to other markets

Over the years, the firm has expanded its presence globally, with offices now in Santiago, Mexico City, Singapore, New York, and London. It also recently set up an office in Chile. The company has engaged in several partnerships to improve its services and offerings.

Now, one of its goals is to focus heavily on the Latin American market, as shown by one of its products particularly directed towards the FX needs of Latin Americans .

“Demand has never been higher, with increases already experienced in January, we foresee significant growth for RUB in 2021,” Simoes stated.

According to him, the company is offering an innovative technology focused on improving the trading capabilities of its clients and customers in this rapidly digitalizing world.

Simoes said the innovative products complement the company’s distribution capacity, which further advances its technical footprint in the Latin American region in 2021.

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