PRESS RELEASE: Digitex Futures Unveils Live Demo at the Malta Blockchain Summit

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Next month on November 1-2, the Malta Blockchain Summit will take place. What’s so interesting about that? Quite a lot, actually. Beyond keynote speeches from some of the most respected names in the industry, including John McAfee and Hartej Sawhney, Sophia the Robot will be making an appearance, and Digitex Futures be unveiling the first-ever live demo of their platform.

The Importance of Malta in the Blockchain Space

Malta made history this year by becoming the first jurisdiction worldwide to regulate blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT). While the naysayers are often quick to say that legislation will stifle innovation, Malta has proven its deep understanding of blockchain technology.

Far from killing off new ideas, the EU member country is wholeheartedly embracing them and providing blockchain companies with a legal framework to work in.

In a recent speech to the UN, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat spoke about harnessing the power of new technologies for solving the world’s problems. Rather than shy away from technological advances or fear what he calls “the future of money,” he urges the world to come together to find solutions to its problems through technology.

Malta the Blockchain Island

Muscat calls upon other leaders to view the digital economy as an opportunity and explains why Malta is going by the name of the “Blockchain Island.” It’s this kind of forward-thinking and proactive government and openness to new ideas that will attract thousands of delegates, speakers, entrepreneurs, investors, and decisionmakers to the tiny island next month.

Speaking with Steve Tendon, a key member of Malta’s National Blockchain Task Force, and author of Malta’s “National Blockchain Strategy ,” he said:

“The intent is to ensure that innovation is not stifled by the regulatory effort. In fact, it is for this very reason that the new regulator in Malta is called the MDIA, i.e. the Malta Digital Innovation Authority. It was not called the Malta Crypto Authority, or the Malta Blockchain Authority.

The focus is entirely on innovation, and the insight that the Maltese legislator has had is that new laws and rules are needed to ensure designers, coders, entrepreneurs have the needed legal space they need to create their innovative technology arrangements.”

It’s also what made the Digitex Futures team decide to choose Malta as the perfect destination to unveil the live demo for the first time–and for its CEO and Founder, Adam Todd to give a keynote speech.

As a mold-breaking commission-free futures exchange, what better place to showcase the working platform than on the Blockchain Island?

Not only will Todd be giving an informative talk from inside the industry, but Maltese Prime Minister Muscat will be delivering a speech as well.

What Else Can You Expect from the Summit?

Tendon says, “The event will coincide with the date when the three laws will enter in effect. It will be the first event where we will see many businesses launching their blockchain products, in all sorts of sectors… This will undoubtedly attract all the developers and entrepreneurs who are working on decentralized technologies of all kinds.”

Indeed, the Digitex team will be in good company among the most innovative and forward-thinking industry players around. Beyond Todd’s keynote, the Digitex stand will be fully staffed to provide individual demos and answer any questions about the exchange.

About Digitex Futures

Just in case you need a little catch-up, Digitex Futures is launching the first-ever commission-free Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum futures exchange in December 2018. Using a hybrid model, the Digitex exchange will combine the best features of a decentralized exchange with the speed and UX of a centralized one.

The company’s order matching engine and one-click ladder interface will allow traders to place a trade in real time. Speed is of the essence in the futures market, particularly where such high volatility exists, and Digitex is aiming to ensure its customers don’t miss out on any deal because of unnecessary extra mouse clicks or keyboard strokes.

By using a native currency, the DGTX, the exchange is able to remove commission fees and cover costs. Thanks to their innovative model, this will be the first exchange to allow traders to use margin and leverage trading commission-free to go short on futures and make a daily living even in a bear market.

The price of the DGTX has been rising over the last few weeks from $0.005 to hit a new high of more than $0.16 over the weekend, making headlines across the crypto world.

CEO Adam Todd says, “Digitex is changing the game. We had an immensely successful ICO that sold out in just 17 minutes, so we know that demand is high for our platform. Seeing the token price climb over the last few weeks is further confirmation of all the support in our community and the belief in what we’re doing. We’re very excited to be able to unveil the demo at the Malta Blockchain Summit and feel extremely at home here and excited about the innovations happening.”

As a category-breaking futures exchange, Digitex has also committed to being the first to make use of Plasma technology when it comes out. With excitement around blockchain companies draining after months of bearish markets, Digitex is breaking the mold on every front, and Malta will be the next frontier.

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