PRESS RELEASE: Demand for Pundi X (NPXS) Technology Grow. Booming With Events

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Pundi X strives relentlessly to ensure that cryptocurrency becomes readily available to everybody like bottled water. Additionally, they seek to bring crypto to over a billion users while simultaneously increasing value for all. The management continues to develop and enhance their technology while educating mainstream consumers across different markets.

The company encourages everybody to embrace blockchain technology in their daily lives. They have planned a series of events in Cambridge, Taipei, and Tokyo where they will test some characteristics and features of their future products. Through the showcasing process, they aim at finessing and fine-tuning the products accordingly based on the reviews and feedback acquired from the events.


The biggest annual event organized by Taiwan’s Business Weekly Magazine is set for November 23. At the ‘Amazing Night’ event in Taipei, they will showcase and demonstrate one of their latest technological innovations. Pundi X is featured as a representative for the wider blockchain industry. Additionally, the entire event is set to be running on the Pundi XPOS .

An XPASS card will be provided to the 2,000 attendees. The cards are loaded with specially-created Business Weekly coins (BW Coin) and NPXS. The cards will let them experience the new innovations showcased in every one of the five transformative exhibitors chosen meticulously by Business Weekly Magazine. The event will present a major platform for the first demo of the company’s real-time central dashboard that supports all XPOS transactions.

The real-time display of XPOS transactions will get updated live as all transactions take place. The instantaneous collection of transactions can get implemented in trade and demand, title exchanges, and supply-chain monitoring. Thus, it will reduce fraud and waiting times in the industries where the technology gets adopted.

In the private sector, the central, real-time dashboard will be of use among franchises. Also, it is ideal for parallel cross-promotions ran by two separate stores. The company assures that all transactions supported by the Pundi X network will remain private, distributed, and cryptographically secure.

The event starts at 19:30 Taipei time with an expected 10,000 participants.


The first annual Cambridge Forum focusing on Blockchain will be held on November 23. At this event, New Technologies is set to Meet New Business Models. The Cambridge Blockchain Hub is the organizers of this conference. The Hub is a center for cryptocurrency and blockchain learning, testing, policy research, and venture creation. The event will be held at Bradfield Centre strategically located in the Science Park in Cambridge, UK.

Pundi X’s technology and installation of the XPOS devices presentation will be given by Junde Yu, Head of Global Sales. Bradfield Centre and several other regions within Cambridge town will host these conferences. The event aims at educating students and the Cambridge community about the company’s new technology and encourages them to conduct crypto transactions.


Pundi X will feature in the largest blockchain job fair in Tokyo. The company considers talent as an important asset. The event takes place on November 24. Pundi X’s presentation is scheduled to take place at 16:55 Tokyo time and will be delivered by Hiroshi Tanaka, Pundi X Japan Country Manager.

Bringing value to the world

Pundi X is one of the most advanced teams in whole crypto and blockchain related ecosystem providing already working products which actually makes an impact to our daily life – XPOS payment system, worlds first Blockchain phone, XPASS card is just a proof that Pundi X CEO Zac Chea and his team have chosen the right path.

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