PRESS RELEASE: Dedicated Podcast for IOTA Named ‘Untangled’ Introduced Its 1st Episode

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December 14, 2018
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On December 13, 2019, IOTA team announced the release of the dedicated podcast for IOTA named ‘Untangled’ and introduced its first episode (about electric vehicles) right away.

According to the official statement, the podcast will be released every other week and explore the many different use cases of the Tangle in the real world in a tangible way for real people.

IOTA and the Use Cases

The release says that the podcast aims to offer a number of different perspectives about topics which will differ between episodes. It will be published over a wide array of channels and will also provide links for background knowledge as well as extended knowledge of IOTA and the included use cases.

In the first episode of Untangled, the host is talking to Harm van den Brink from ElaadNL (the same company which introduced the world’s first IOTA smart charging station ) and Terry Shane from the bIOTAsphere about how they are using this novel technology to accelerate the evolution of electric vehicles.

After Successful Cardano Dedicated Podcast Debut, will IOTA Succeed?

A month ago, Cardano team released its dedicated podcast for ADA called ‘The Cardano Effect ‘ and already have almost 3000 subscribers on youtube and thousands of views. And community praises for more.

The successful podcast by Cardano does not mean that IOTA will succeed also, but one thing is clear – the community need this and IOTA team has it all to prove it has value to deliver.

Listen to the Podcast ‘Untangled’ Episode 1:

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