PRESS RELEASE: Cryptocurrency Exchange Bittrex Team Up with Rialto Trading on Digital Securities Trading Platform

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Registered trading venue Rialto and cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex team up on Digital Securities Trading Platform . Currently, Rialto operates a regulated Alternative Trading System (ATS) for trading fixed income products, and pending approval from regulators, Rialto will expand its ATS operations to include blockchain-based (digital) securities . Both companies are having detailed conversations with regulators to launch this expanded platform.

The expanded platform will combine Rialto’s licensed broker-dealer ATS, tools and securities industry experience with Bittrex’s expertise in blockchain technology, cybersecurity and cryptocurrency trading to create a comprehensive securities offering. The ATS will support US dollar (fiat) trading for digital securities. In addition, Rialto will provide services to the entire digital asset securities ecosystem, including issuance advisory services, placement, trading, and custody.

“We are excited to share Rialto’s expertise in building networks and trading solutions in the regulated securities industry to develop this new venture in partnership with Bittrex,”

said Rialto Trading CEO Shari Noonan.

“By working together, we’ll be able to expand our current client offerings to not only include digital securities, but also provide them access to a globally advanced and reliable trading platform.”

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Bittrex CEO Bill Shihara calls it a unique combination of advanced technology and financial expertise to build and launch an efficient, reliable and secure platform for trading digital securities, and was extremely happy to found the ideal partner in Rialto and its CEO Shari Noonan.

“We’re merging Bittrex’s technology, cybersecurity and blockchain expertise with Rialto’s deep knowledge of the securities industry. And, when you add that foundation with Rialto’s extensive background in financial services, including Shari’s experience at Goldman Sachs and Deutsche Bank, this new venture is well-positioned to further advance blockchain’s adoption by offering a comprehensive solution at the right time.”

About Rialto

Rialto Trading is at the forefront of delivering innovative and new trading tools to the securities industry, focusing initially on the fixed income market. Rialto offers three unique products that provide different avenues to sourcing liquidity that can be used alone or in combination. Rialto provides clients increased performance, liquidity and ease of implementation. To learn more about Rialto, and our advisory services and proposed trading enhancements, go to .

About Bittrex

Founded in 2014, by three cybersecurity engineers, Bittrex is a U.S.-based blockchain platform, providing real-time trade execution, dependable digital wallets and industry-leading security practices. Our mission is to help advance the blockchain industry by fostering innovation, incubating new and emerging technology, and driving transformative change. Bittrex, Inc. is not a regulated exchange under U.S. securities laws. Learn more at .

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