PRESS RELEASE: Crypto Derivatives Exchange LXDX Announces Soft Launch of Live Spot Trading on Platform

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December 19, 2018
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December 19, 2018

SLIEMA, MALTA, December 18, 2018—LXDX, a cryptocurrency exchange geared towards derivative

products based on underlying tokens, announced today that it is now open to the public for live spot trading. People may now sign up and access the full functionality of the platform, including depositing and withdrawing tokens, trading with other users on the public market, and interfacing with APIs.

Will Roman, COO at LXDX, had this to say regarding today’s news,

“This announcement marks a major milestone in our mission, to make capital markets better. We’ve spent the last twelve months building LXDX from the ground up using highly optimized software and hardware to redefine digital asset trading. Our systems are designed—and tested—to scale to numbers of assets and volumes that are orders of magnitude greater than what exists today.“

The company also disclosed that they are leading the cryptocurrency trading world by featuring pro rata allocation throughout the order book for all spot pairs. Pro rata algorithms match orders in proportion to their size, as opposed to the common “first in first out” trade prioritization, circumventing priority conflicts between large and small orders.

LXDX has its sight set on January for the rollout of derivative products.

“Our unique financial instruments will allow for both leveraged — yet fully collateralized — speculation and hedging,”

says Roman,

“without putting traders at risk of socialized losses. We believe in the function derivatives play in healthy markets and the impact they have in maturing digital asset markets.”

People can sign up and trade on the LXDX exchange at . Institutional users may contact the company to inquire about institutional and colocation accounts at [email protected] .

Notable backers of LXDX include Arianna Simpson of Autonomous Partners, Dymon Asia Ventures in

Singapore and Robert S. Murley, Chairman of Investment Banking for the Americas and Vice-Chairman of Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LLC and limited partner in Pine Point Capital.

About LXDX

LXDX is the crypto derivatives exchange. According to its team: “We give you access to institutional liquidity with fundamentally better products you can’t get anywhere else.”


Joshua Greenwald, CEO

Will Roman, COO

Steven Thomas, CTO

John Hazen, CFO

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