PRESS RELEASE: Cointelligence’s Upcoming ICO Listing and Rating System

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Every ICO has its strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities; but not all projects are polished enough to get support from the public. Websites create an upcoming ICO listing with ratings to help inform the public about their findings on a certain project. There are a lot of considerations, and Cointelligence has created an in-depth narrative into how each ICO rating is done. To read more about Cointelligence ‘s rating system click here .

How to Create an Upcoming ICO Listing with ICO Rating

Every project is unique, and there are elements that are put into consideration before giving an ICO rating such as the following:

1. Integrity and Data Completeness

The key word is information. A good ICO should have solid data as its foundation, both on its website and in its whitepaper. The ICO should be transparent in the information that it’s trying to present to the public, and it should be clear on the problem it’s trying to solve and the validity of the solution. In Cointelligence’s rating system, the website quality make up 3 out of 10 points, the whitepaper is 4 out of 10, and the information validity is 3 out of 10.

2. The Company or Team

The team is rated based on two criteria: the professional qualifications and verifiable identities of its members. In order for an ICO to become successful, it has to have the right team members to execute the project’s goals, which is why it is one of the key considerations in a rating. The team’s qualifications make up 6 out of 10 team points, while the social media links and realness of the members make up 4 out of 10 points.

3. Vision or Objectives

The vision is the basic idea that’s behind the entire project, product, and token. This also puts into consideration how attainable the goals of the project are. In a rating, the vision’s quality, explanation, and definition make up 2 out of 10 points; the possibility or likelihood of the vision make up 4 out of the total; and the long-term plan also makes up 4 out of the 10 points.

4. Product or Service

The product refers to both the prototype and the final output to be released in the future. Some ICOs start with a prototype while others already have a working product in creation. The product’s nearness to the ICO’s vision and objectives is rated 4 points out of 10, while the product’s maturity and progress is 6 out of 10 points.

5. Marketing and Promotion

The overall marketing efforts refer to the ICO’s presence on social media as well as other news sites all over the internet. Since an ICO needs to reach as many people as possible, the quality of its promotion is one of the considerations in rating a project. The marketing and promotion standard is hard to rate with the use of numbers so Cointelligence just distinguishes whether the promotion is low-quality or high-quality.

6. Social Interaction and Engagement

The community interaction refers to the project’s engagement with its audience and the general public in social media and other platforms. In order to prevent ICOs from buying interaction, there is no bar placed for this in the rating section. The social interaction or community is difficult to rate with numbers so instead it is rated on if the engagement is low or high.

7. Company Registration and Legal Processes

One of the hidden key rating metrics is a rating on the company behind the ICO. The company should be located or registered in ideal jurisdictions that have the most favorable ICO guidelines and regulations such as Switzerland, Gibraltar, and Malta. This criterion doesn’t get a slot in the metrics bar but Cointelligence considers it when rating an upcoming ICO listing since any project that is not backed by a legitimate entity is considered suspicious.

The Value of Accurate Rating Systems

Some ICOs don’t pass the test, and some do. There are other measurements of what an ICO can do in the long run, but having ratings helps in establishing the potential and tangible profitability of a project. It’s important to take ratings seriously since we are talking about return of investment and value of money in the long run.

These standards are set so that those ICOs in an upcoming ICO listing with fraudulent, incomplete, or questionable data would think twice before entering the market, since they know that someone is looking out for the public. Without legitimate rating systems, people would invest in the wrong kind of ICOs or worse, become victim to fraudulent projects that have no long term value.

To visit Cointelligence’s ongoing and upcoming ICO listing click here .

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