PRESS RELEASE: Caspian Partners With Brave New Coin to Drive Institutional Participation in Crypto

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November 22, 2018
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Caspian is renowned as a full-stack crypto trading and risk management platform that provides services to sophisticated traders and institutional investors. They announced their partnership with an experienced blockchain and cryptographic assets research company, Brave New Coin (BNC), to create trading tools for professionals.

This new business relation will enable Caspian to use BNC’s comprehensive market data. The additional data will help in calculations of fairer fees and market positions for all traders and investors using the Caspian platform.

BNC’s integrated Spot Price engine collects and integrates data from at least 200 exchanges daily, 24/7. The collected data assists in calculating a time-stamped, Global Weighted Average (GWA) comprising of multiple price points made available on a five-minute frequency basis. This engine also offers investors and traders reliable, affordable, and accurate data in a timely manner.

As traders use the Caspian platform to buy and sell across several venues, all their cumulative trading positions and fees get calculated on its mark-to-market value. The new mode of calculations replaces the arbitrary cost or single exchange source fees calculations.

Caspian’s CEO, Robert Dykes, said that 2018 has seen a surge in institutional interest in the creation and enhancement of global digital asset infrastructure. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that a lot more must be done to increase the number of traditional actors and participants to the new markets.

The Caspian-BNC partnership aims at offering all traders the best tools to make accurate and data-backed decisions when executing their trades. The new tools are expected to encourage more institutional entrants to join the markets. In the past, traders were adapted to using the best accurate market information available to them. They were familiar with fair, self-regulating, and precise fees based on a weighted average.

On the other hand, the BNC’s Spot Price Engine integration with the Caspian platform will provide new principles to users. The developments will enhance the suite of tools available to the sophisticated and institutional investors . An institutional-crypto relationship solution now seems to have arrived offering a fairer system that does not charge any exorbitant, arbitrary transaction fees.

The majorly incalculable market conditions will become bearable and profitable with the combination of the BNC market data with Caspian’s comprehensive OEMS (Order & Execution Management System). Currently, Caspian is partnering with industry leaders, financial service veterans, and advocates offering institutional-grade tools to the ever-growing number of sophisticated, professional traders and investors.

The new addition to Caspian’s industry-leading list of existing partners will undoubtedly increase the profit margins for the institutional and sophisticated investors and traders.

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