PRESS RELEASE: Cardano Byron Phase Is Reaching Its Conclusion

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November 2, 2018
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Duncan Coutts, IOHK Director of Engineering, came out with an update on the development of Byron phase that is reaching its conclusion. He explained the development framework for the Shelley phase. This would suggest the work to be done contributing to governance, interoperability, and stability. Cardano coin was launched two years back.

Fine-Tuning Features

At the Byron stage, IOHK is working to fine-tune features as the company is the first peer-reviewed platform, which will give a tough run to not only Ethereum but also other platforms. Work is progressing on Cardano’s Settlement Layer (CSL) decentralization in which ADA is used to determine moving value. For this purpose, the development team was focusing on making Ouroboros robust by adding quantum resistant, as well as, multisignature addresses.

There were also other features including light wallets that make ADA similar to the standard cryptocurrency functionalities. Already, Project Icarus, which is an open source, has been completed. This runs on a Google Chrome extension, which is a secured one. Apart from enhancing the user experience, changes were made for easy execution of Daedalus for Linux while tweaks included better storage management.

Focus On Key Elements

Byron is responsible for creating the baseline for Cardano in enabling users to not only trade but also transfer ADA. As far as Shelley is concerned, it is focused on key markets allowing technology to grow rapidly into a completely autonomous and decentralized system. Cardano plans to release Shelley’s features in the first quarter of the next year starting with stake and delegation pool testnets.

In a nutshell, the project is moving towards Shelley from Byron, which was the bootstrap phase. As far as the Shelley phase, it involves decentralized network, and as the work is in progress, it would help in three factors. The highlight of the development is that the protocols would boost more exotic cryptographic primitives besides complexity and interdependence. The company indicated that it would be a complete decentralization path.

Image via IOHK Youtube

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