PRESS RELEASE: Bull Bitcoin’s Francis Pouliot Fires Litecoin a Shitcoin with No Purpose

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On December 26, 2018, Bitcoin Maximalist Francis who is the CEO and co-founder of Bull Bitcoin firm took Twitter blasting the tweet of Charlie Lee, founder of Litecoin cryptocurrency. He pointed out Lee ‘a bad look man’.

Francis expressed his opinion in the midst of featuring the Litecoin’s logo at UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). Bull Bitcoin’s CEO also called Litecoin a Shitcoin.

Litecoin is a useless shitcoin. The Litecoin Foundation pumping it to UFC fans serves no purpose other than $LTC bagholders dumping on greater fools

The “bitcoin testnet” narrative is bullshit. Litecoin is not “silver to Bitcoin’s gold”, it’s [email protected] bad look man👎

— Francis Pouliot 🐂₿ (@francispouliot_) December 26, 2018

While cryptocurrency market is struggling to reach the peak, Litecoin creator, Charlie Lee , decided to feature LTC logo onto the stage of UFC 232: Jones Vs. Gustaffson 2. Following Lee’s announcement, Mr. Francis rashly indicates there is no purpose and said ‘Litecoin is Pyrite’.

Very soon the tweet gathered the attention of many crypto enthusiasts who began discussing both the sides of Litecoin – few blasts while other supports. Browsing the opinions of users on his tweet, there seems more users talking against about the Litecoin One of such user states that:

“I think litecoin is being held by the fact that Charlie is a pretty likable character but he would be a lot better of helping with Bitcoin adoption. Litecoin is a distraction and has no real purpose.”

On contrary, the most usual account supporting Litecoin responded that the “calling Litecoin a shit coin is like calling bitcoin a shit coin”.

Calling litecoin a shit coin is like calling bitcoin a shit coin.

It’s a nearly identical clone but running scrypt.

It can’t be dumped by saroshi. It’s CHEAP, it’s fast, fees are lower and it’s on every exchange…

I get you Maximilist…but if 99% then 20 are left.

— Litecoin Master ⚡️[Jan/3➞₿🔑 Ł] (@xtdisnkfe) December 27, 2018

The battle continued and Francis urged “there is no room for more than one currency, crypto or otherwise”. Moreover, clarifying to Francis, Ilir Gashi one of the Litecoin enthusiasts stated that:

1. Litecoin has been here 7+ years and we’re still one of the oldest and consistent top performing coins. We’re one of the most adopted, liquid, secure and connected.

2. Litecoin is not in competition with BTC, the same way that Silver has its value like gold.

While the argument is overflowing on social networks – there was no response from Charlie Lee who often seen under the criticism by many members in the crypto market.

What’s your stake on Litecoin? Do you agree with Francis? Let’s discuss

The Litecoin’s logo at UFC should appear during this upcoming fight:

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