PRESS RELEASE: Bitcurate’s Intelligence Platform to Provide Support to Investors is Now Live

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Crypto data intelligence solutions pioneer, Bitcurate, has come out with its market intelligence platform. This will make use of expert analysis, machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) to offer data analysis and real-time insights for the benefit of investors. The company indicated that the program dashboard is a personalized one based on digital coins. This will enable investors to equip with proof-based insights to keep track of the market movement.

Investment Strategies

Bitcurate CEO, Victor Lee, indicated that the company was well aware that data are behind the best investment strategies. However, the cryptocurrency market is in bits and pieces currently thus making it a tough proposition for investors to find the right and extensive kind of data required to take calculated calls. He added,

“That’s why our platform tracks millions of data points every day, streamlining comprehensive crypto information into the market intelligence you need when you need it.”

The company will process more than five million sentiment data points every day. This included chats, forums, trading data, social media, the crypto futures market, exchange APIS, and other financial instruments. At the same time, the firm’s sentiment analysis will make cross-checks and monitor news articles apart from “live sentiment for the most comprehensive insights.” The company claimed an accuracy rate of 86 percent.


Bitcurate CTO, Daren Tan, thinks that 90 percent of movements in digital coins are driven by sentiments. He pointed out that the company is using the latest sentiment analysis tools to not only process but also analyze millions of data points. This would enable it to understand the intricacies and offer investors the kind of data that they require to make investments with confidence.

The company is offering a personalized dashboard to monitor virtual assets and get key data like the real-time exchange rate and sentiment score besides circulating supply. This would allow users to catch with the news and tweet feeds. It provides volume, sentiment, digital coins by dollar value and rating for all cryptos.

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