PRESS RELEASE: Bitcoin Blender Stops IRS from Tracking Bitcoin Transactions

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Legit bitcoin blender is serious about protecting the legal privacy rights of crypto users.

At first glance, it seems easy to find a legit bitcoin blender that is secure and will guarantee your anonymity, even from the IRS. This is however not the case. All bitcoin mixers promise to deliver anonymous transactions – this is after all the main reason why they offer their services. These claims were always difficult to test, and now that the IRS has teamed up with bitcoin forensics companies to track bitcoin transactions and determine who uses them, it is more critical than ever to be sure that your transactions remain anonymous.

Unlike other bitcoin mixing services, offers complete, verifiable anonymization for Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin SV. Using their internally developed utility called the Coin Anonymization Event (CAE) checks, were recently able to prove that their Bitcoin transactions could not be traced. What’s more, they also demonstrated that their competition’s transactions could be. Even though the legit bitcoin mixers that were exposed as not being anonymous have meanwhile changed their systems to prevent transaction details to be revealed, there will always be some lingering doubt about their security. understands that it is critical that links between old and new addresses be removed. Users of the legit bitcoin blender deposit their cryptocurrencies into a common reserve. The reserve uses coins from all users and these are mixed to form a pool of tokens without a trace of their origins. Using this pool of untraceable coins resist different types of surveillance like blockchain analysis.

Innovative reinforcement of customer privacy protection

Most legit bitcoin mixers use this method. Not content to use the same techniques as their competition does, but striving to be the best, BestMixer reinforces customer privacy protection by using deferred transactions with a minute accuracy, and sends a combination of random splits of up to 0.1% of the intended fund to numerous clients’ wallets.

Taking things a step further, BestMixer also caters for customers with large amounts of cryptocurrency that need excellent anonymous protection. To do this, they created three pools (Alpha, Beta, and Gamma) of reserve. This provides intricate bitcoin mixing options. These pools are of particular interest when looking at preventing the IRS from tracking transactions. Using the Gamma pool ensures that users’ funds will not be detectable by services like Chainalysis, as the funds are drawn from private, reliable sources of coin.

To maintain their reputation for being a legit bitcoin blender, BestMixer has added new features that help users make the most of the service:

A Mixing Strength Meter that assists users in determining how strong their mix is in terms of anonymity.

Multiple languages are supported.

A video tutorial showing users how to mix coins correctly .

The hunt for the best legit bitcoin blender is over. BestMixer is so far ahead of its competition that they are virtually impossible to catch.

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