PRESS RELEASE: Binance’s Year-End Letter Highlights Seven Goals for 2019

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Binance started off with a high note remaining steadily among the top-ranked cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide. However, the 2018 bear market affected even the big and mighty and the company was not spared. To offer assurance, Binance released a year-end letter written personally by the CEO, ZHAO Changpeng, to its partners and customers.

Since inception, Binance has steadily continued to create new platforms and products. Dedicated trading apps and many other products are available for download on multiple platforms.

In the course of 2018, Binance has continued to add more trading pairs and tokens. Furthermore, the exchange has added more listings on their network making it rank among the trading exchange leaders worldwide. Binance also made formidable partnerships that propelled the company to become a market leader in the cryptocurrency space.

In the year-end letter, the CEO details a review of the company’s achievements in 2018 and its agenda for 2019.

The 2019 Binance Targets

The CEO stated that some of the previous targets had not been met as anticipated due to the persistent bear markets ruling the whole of 2018. In the letter, the major goals set for the company in 2019 aim at making Binance a world leader in trading cryptocurrency pairs.

The first goal for Binance is to add more functions to These additions are meant to make the platform more user-friendly and accommodate a higher number of satisfied users.

The CEO also highlighted in the letter that the company aims at launching the mainnet of Binance Chain. The mainnet network will compromise of high-performance DEX designed to execute instant transactions with a one second confirmation waiting time.

Binance will also target to develop and launch around ten fiat-to-crypto exchanges operating throughout the world. Additionally, the letter confirmed that the company will set up more partnerships with significant players operating in the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology space.

2019 is also scheduled to be the year when Binance widens its adoption of BNB. Furthermore, the company will acquire and invest in more blockchain projects that have the potential to make the Binance brand and platform more interesting to investors and users.

Binance will also strive to establish several blockchain charity institutions in an authentic transparent manner. With these targets, the Binance CEO believes that the company will maintain a healthy and strong growth all through 2019.

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