PRESS RELEASE: Banking with CAPVERTO: Beyond Poverty Alleviation

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September 13, 2018
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Cash back rewards systems have traditionally been available only to financially stable individuals – people with bank accounts, credit, and enough disposable income to maintain a large degree of purchasing flexibility. Sadly, people who would benefit the most from cash back perks or other rewards, those who are economically impoverished or isolated, are unable to access features such as this.

Instead, economically underserved individuals, those turned away from traditional banking opportunities due to cash poverty, are caught in a cycle of high fees and low return in order to access their funds. Even in the United States and other industrialized nations, up to 10 percent of the population do not have access to brick and mortar banks, credit cards, or other basic, daily financial management tools that the rest of the country takes for granted.

Bringing balance to banking rewards

CAPVERTO Exchange was developed especially for unbanked and underbanked people – those who need a bank, and who have never been able to take advantage of the perks and benefits of well-managed financial support and banking services. The CAPVERTO solution is driven by the CAPVERTO Token (CAP), and brought to life by the CAPVERTO international prepaid card. Purchasing the card is a way to gain access to the rest of the CAPVERTO financial ecosystem.

The Details of CAPVERTO

The CAPVERTO prepaid card is organized into color-coded tiers, with the basic blue tier worth $100 USD. Upon purchase, the card value is transferred into CAP utility tokens. The token is held for a full six months, and the buyer now has access to the CAPVERTO platform in its entirety.

More importantly, buyers can link their fiat cash to the platform, using the functionality and flexibility of blockchain interchangeably with the convenience of fiat money. The card is offered both digitally and physically, allowing for a broad range of transactional capabilities.

One of the most exciting features of using the CAPVERTO prepaid card as a purchasing tool is the robust cash reward system available to users. Participating partners offer discounts for CAPVERTO card users.

The key here is “participating”. Unlike other cash reward programs, that tend to be brand specific, CAPVERTO allows cash rewards to transfer seamlessly between retailers. This is a critical piece of the CAPVERTO concept, as many of its target audience do not have the resources to spend indiscriminately at any one retailer. Therefore, they never accumulate the points or credits necessary to take advantage of any sort of rewards or perks.

With CAPVERTO, rewards are open to everyone. This is another way CAPVERTO has lowered the barriers blocking unbanked individuals from entering a secure banking environment.

Cash rewards are not the only thing open to users who enter the CAPVERTO system; the simple and user friendly interface offers other services that were not previously available.

For those who wish to enter the cryptocurrency market in a more significant way via the CAPVERTO trading platform. With the security and sustainability CAPVERTO offers, as well as a direct connection to cryptocurrency exchange Binance, the crypto space is now open.

P2P transfer capability, security (complete with strong KYC, 2FA, and AML security models), the convenience of physical and digital payment options, and low fees all combine to ensure the sustainability and strength of the CAPVERTO platform.

Finally, the cryptocurrency insurance partnered into the platform via global insurance source RiskPoint mitigates some of the inherent risk associated with participating on any financial platform.

The CAPVERTO platform is ready to introduce the convenience, and ultimately the profitability, of banking services to the entire world.

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