PRESS RELEASE: Baer Chain Released the Interpretation of MEP Rules – BRC Keep Rising

PRESS RELEASE: Baer Chain Released the Interpretation of MEP Rules – BRC Keep Rising
April 9, 2019
Crypto Daily Roundup – Apr 9, 2019
April 9, 2019

Following the global announcement of the MEP Million Ecology Project, Baer Chain officially released the interpretation of the Million Ecology Project rules.

According to official interpretation, in the Super Node campaign, Baer Chain will issue a total of 580 million cookies. After the official launch of the Baer Chain mainnet, 29 million Genesis cookies will be stored in the mainnet as the first year of network resource consumption. Genesis cookies are constantly exchanged at a price of 1:1 using BRC, and the value of the subsequent cookies will depend on the supply and demand relationship, which means that the higher the activity of the Baer Chain ecosystem, the higher the demand for fuel, the cookie value will be higher.

All node reward income will be divided into two parts, accounting incentives and contribution incentives. The contribution incentive is carried out once a year. The cookie will be distributed as contribution incentives by the super node and the standby node according to the CAEM economic model of Baer Chain. The contribution incentive income will be directly transferred to the node account in the form of airdrop; it is worth to note that the first time contribution incentive will be carried out one year after the official launch of the Baer Chain main network. Each super node and the standby node will receive a dividend of 300,000 cookies, based on that, dividends will be released according to the contribution (each year will be distributed according to contribution after the first year). The second benefit is the accounting incentive. Since the cookie is not a Token but a fuel on Baer Chain, all transactions on the Baer Chain require a cookie. The Super Node will be responsible for billing all transaction data on the chain, and the cookie which paid by the transaction party will be obtained by the accounting Node.

Driven by detailed interpretation and good news, the members of the Baer Chain community responded positively, and the BRC also rose to the next level. This also shows the results based on all the ecological participants of Baer Chain, who are optimistic about Baer Chain consistently and buy in a large number of BRC. According to official news, after the release of the Baer Chain SuperNode campaign rules, more than 100 campaign teams have received registration applications, and 15 teams have been approved and displayed on the official website. According to this trend, this week’s candidates will continue to grow, and more Baer Chain participants will continue to purchase BRC for the super-node campaign registration and voting. In addition, this MEP million ecology project has become the focus of KOL in various fields. Through such continuous spread and fermentation from point to surface, there must be more participants from different industries . Baer Chain’s community ecological scale will break through 1 million soon.

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