PRESS RELEASE: AirSoft Certified To Offer Services To Online Brokers By The Financial Commission

PRESS RELEASE: AirSoft Certified To Offer Services To Online Brokers By The Financial Commission
June 20, 2019
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June 20, 2019

The Financial Commission has finally certified the offering of AirSoft and added them as an approved service provider in the commission’s partner section. This makes Airsoft the latest fintech company to have full access to all of the Financial Commissions full list of members.

Rigiousour review process followed

The awarding of the certification of the brokerage technology developer followed an extremely rigorous process of review that evaluated requirements of technical information relating to trading solutions. This list included a number of points that allowed the self-regulator to gauge the scale of the technology company’s acumen.

Independent inquiries were done to the security capabilities of AirSoft’s systems, their overall capacity, their business disaster recovery capabilities as well as their continuity plan. Finacom also took a long, hard look at the concessions to reporting and recordkeeping that AirSoft allowed.

The new, rigorous approval means that AirSoft is now fully able to offer their solutions to Finacoms broker members. However, the company is also looking to another path for increased profitability.

Crypto is the new path AirSoft will take to grow its userbase

Airsoft is a full-service fintech company, and it has offices in Cyprus and Hong Kong. They currently offer both CFD (Contracts for Difference) and Forex trading capabilities to online brokerage firms. It was one of the first companies to develop a web-based platform for CFDs and forex , however, there is another first that not many people outside the fintech world know about.

They were also among the pioneers of the shared wallet solution for cryptocurrencies. Online trading has been slowly turning to cryptocurrencies to turn more of a profit and AirSoft has been well position in this area for quite a while.

They have partnerships with digital asset exchanges which allowed its customers to gain access to cryptocurrency trade pairs. It is no surprise that the company will be focusing more and more on cryptocurrencies, as it is a huge market that is still relatively untapped compared to the forex market. Forex has been saturated since the boom in online trading at the turn of the century whereas cryptocurrency trading is only now beginning to mature into a stable market that is ready to accept a large influx of online traders.

Speaking for Finacom, with regards to the addition of AirSoft to its roster of technology providers, Peter Tatarnikov had this to say.

“Airsoft’s platform and other solutions are in great demand among participants in our industry and we are sure that our certification efforts will only help grow this demand. We are happy to see the company take a proactive approach to show the market that their technology solutions satisfy, and in some ways, exceed than the standards set forth by our experts.”

The general consensus in the industry is that AirSoft is ready to step into the limelight and take over a position of power within the fintech industry. AirSoft CEO says that the transparency that AirSoft offers will help them win over customers in a market that is facing “many challenges” and see this certification as the first step towards a much brighter future.

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