PRESS RELEASE: A Complete Guide for Building Connections in the Blockchain Industry

Crypto Daily Roundup – Oct 8, 2018
October 8, 2018
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October 8, 2018

Despite all the regulatory challenges and the noise around cryptocurrencies being a risky asset across the globe, the Blockchain technology has spread globally and today the ecosystem is driving these digital assets into the mainstream at an ever-increasing pace.

Global leading Blockchain enthusiasts, shaping the future of the technology, are potentially one of the biggest influencers in the world pushing the blockchain ecosystem into the formal economy. These prominent industry leaders while putting together strong efforts to build a stronger ecosystem are always excited at the opportunity of sharing platform knowledge and creating meaningful connections to build strategic partnerships.

Why Blockchain Conferences Have Become the Single Most Important Platform to Build Connections

Blockchain Conferences are one of the best ways to learn about the trending innovations surrounding this revolutionary technology. It’s a great medium to connect with some of the top minds of the field and share knowledge about the platform while building connections and tactical relationships with individuals associated within the blockchain industry.

There are many blockchain events organized across the globe and round the year for crypto-enthusiasts. Anyone associated with the field can increase their crypto-knowledge by connecting directly with leaders of the industry through these platforms. Popular destinations like United States and United Kingdom in the west and Singapore among other countries in the east host some of the best blockchain conferences and attract many visitors throughout the year. These events have swiftly entered into the blockchain market and today, the prospects of such global meet hold significant prospects for every participant of this industry.

Whether you’re a crypto-trader, developer, crypto-enthusiast, investor, or an upcoming start-up bringing an exciting ICO launch or you’re a crypto expert and aim at propagating blockchain education, a Blockchain Conference is your stage to learn something valuable and build connections within the Blockchain industry.

However, with numerous events being held round the year, it can always become an overwhelming decision for a newcomer to find an ideal event that holds valuable prospects and provides a platform to connect with people within the industry. To overcome this dilemma, here’s an important guide that can help you narrow down your list and find an event best fit for your requirements:

Find out the expected number of delegates that will be attending the event. Ideally, you don’t want to find yourself in the middle of a desolated event where there’s no opportunity to make connections or an event that’s highly overcrowded for anyone to find a networking opportunity. A decent number of attendees can range from 500 – 1200 or even 1500 delegates that provides an ideal opportunity to meet industry experts or potential investors and form strategic connections.

Identifying a popular region that hosts popular Blockchain conferences is also an important factor. For instance, Singapore is the favorite destination in the Asia-Pacific Region to host Blockchain Conferences whereas, Europe and in particular The United Kingdom is the top destination for such events in the EMEA region. If you’re planning to attend a Blockchain event, make sure to opt for these regions that provide maximum exposure to the industry.

Look for the top speakers at the event and do a background research to ensure you’re attending an event where you’ll find ample opportunities to add value to your blockchain knowledge.

If you’re a blockchain start-up or a crypto investor looking to develop valuable connections, make sure you’re attending an event that organizes dedicated platforms to explore exclusive networking opportunities and facilitates interaction with the leaders, investors or media from within the industry that helps you form valuable connections and build strategic partnerships.

Understand the conference agenda and make sure the discussion topic revolves around the latest trends happening around the industry. Apart from sharing platform knowledge, it should also include discussions surrounding the latest happenings within the industry that will provide a scope to understand the present opportunities and future prospects of the technology.

If the event features an exclusive exhibit area to discover upcoming ICOs make sure to attend this section as it will feature some of the most promising blockchain start-ups that help develop early insights to critically evaluate their technology that one would potentially like to partner with.

A primary goal of these events is to help newcomers with Blockchain education and propagate crypto-adoption while allowing experts from the industry to build networks and form valuable partnerships to create a strong ecosystem. Some of the most popular events being held within the Blockchain industry include but not limited to:

Blockon: October 10-12, Museum of Flying, Santa Monica, US

World Crypto Con: October 31 – November 2, Aria Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, US

Malta Blockchain Summit: November 1-2, Malta

United Conference of Internet Money: November 26-27, Resorts World, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Blockshow Asia: November 28-29, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

These events feature an interesting list of speakers while providing multiple networking opportunities with individuals linked directly to the industry.

So, whether you’re a blockchain enthusiast, a crypto-pundit, an upcoming start-up or a media person, events like this can help you grow within the industry and allow you to get associated with a futuristic ecosystem with a world of possibilities.

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