PRESS RELEASE: 99.99% of TRON DApps Transactions are Made to Gamble

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While Justin Sun , the founder of TRON, keeps shouting about the huge number of the transaction within TRON Blockchain it appears that 99.99% of TRX DApp transactions are gambling-related.

We must agree that the number of transaction in 24h is huge on TRX blockchain and currently records 1180211 transactions last day which is impressive, but what about TRON DApps?

DApp House – Gamble House

Official TRON DApp house tool shows that 595 384 transactions where initiated within all TRON DApps in the last 24h. What’s interesting – 595 360 of them where within gambling category, and 519 089 of all gambling transactions were performed in TRONbet , a community-owned gaming platform.

TRON DApp statistics.

99.99% of all TRON DApps transactions are gambling-related.

TRONBet transactions.

This clearly indicates that at a current stage TRON DApps developers are more interested in the gambling sector rather than some problem-solving projects. The numbers shows that even more than 99.99% of TRON DApps transactions are made to gamble.

Such numbers and facts are not necessarily a bad thing until it gives good emotions and joy for users, but shouldn’t TRON foundation inspire developers to dive more into real-world, problem-solving projects?

Decision is yours.

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