PRESS RELEASE: 6 Bullish Signs Leading Cryptocurrency Markets to Resurgence

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October 16, 2018
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While Bitcoin price stays within $6200-$6600 range cryptocurrency investors keep waiting for more drastic moves in the markets and expects bulls to arrive. To make this waiting more satisfied we got you covered with 6 bullish signs leading cryptocurrency markets to resurgence.

#1 Current Bitcoin price suits for whales

Bitcoin Whales bought 45% more bitcoins than in June 2018, and 20% more than in August 2018. It shows that current levitating Bitcoin price between 6300$-6600$ suits for whales and they see it attractive.

#2 Institutional investors are just around the corner.

Bakkt awaits soon, Fidelity also launches Institutional platform for Bitcoin and Ethereum. CFTC also seeing more institutional movement into this area.

#3 Great adoption of cryptocurrency used as a payment method.

We should mention leaders in this sector:

Pundi X – Pundi XPOS will be implemented to hundreds of emcredit , the UAE’s official credit bureau and a subsidiary of the government of Dubai, storefronts across the city to allow consumers to pay bills, school fees and for utilities using digital currency .

Dash – real-world issues are being solved by a real payment solution (Dashpay) created by DASH team. The team created a digital cash with instant transactions and micro-fees. Dashpay currently has over 1450 merchants in Venezuela and growing.

Electroneum – Its Instant Payment System test was a success and development team already invited 1000 Vendors into API Instant Pay BETA. This system gives vendors around the world the ability to accept cryptocurrency (ETN) INSTANTLY via their shop tills or via their e-commerce websites . No waiting time.

By the way, you can buy in ZARA or El Corte Ingles and pay with Bitcoins in Spain .

#4 Technological breakthrough

Pundi X here again. They did an enormous job by creating a real Blockchain Phone and made the world’s first blockchain phone call . Unlike traditional phones which require a centralized mobile carrier, XPhone runs independently without the need for that .

#5 More positive attention from CFTC and SEC.

Recently U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission attended World Investor Week where officers helped to inform Everyday Americans how to take better control when investing in digital assets. They do not want cryptocurrencies to be banned. It’s all about regulating the markets to avoid people losing they hard earned money on scams while CFTC expects cryptomarkets to mature soon.

#6 Arise of Security Tokens era.

Security tokens make it much easier for companies to raise the capital they need to grow. Registering securities for a traditional IPO is a tedious, expensive process that requires companies to go through several layers of middlemen and costs millions of dollars on lawyers and brokers.

Security tokens will disintermediate those middlemen, which will reduce costs and simplify the process of launching a Security Token Offering (STO). By the way, Security Tokens might bring 10% of Global GDP ($8 trillion) into the Blockchain ecosystem by 2024.

Do you think these Bullish signs will bring some active movement into cryptomarkets in near future? Leave your comment down below.

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