PRESS RELEASE: 5 Types of Crypto Traders You Most Likely Encountered

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January 12, 2019
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While cryptocurrency markets are declining, we decided to restrain from bear market and invite you to take a read about 5 types of crypto traders. By the way, every mentioned type of trader or investor is necessary to have within cryptocurrency space because this is what makes everything so cool.

1. Moon Boy

His first buy-in into crypto markets happened in November 2017. After his shitcoins gained x10 he took the profits but never came back to Earth. There are rumors he now has a next-generation wi-fi on the moon and is offering a get-rich-quick bitcoin earn investment strategies. Never a scam.

2. The Expert

He attended 1 cryptocurrency trading seminar and now learns others. He also created a telegram channel for his trading signals, because all you need to know is a breakout (triangle). He thinks that trading doesn’t have to be sophisticated.

3. The Enthusiast

This guy has invested in a specific coin around $20-$80 USD and now has a passion for ‘the coin’ and you better do not waste your time by trying to convince him that his coin means nothing. Of course, the enthusiast doesn’t read whitepapers and can’t even properly explain the main features of his coin.

No matter what is the question, the answer will always be ‘the coin’. He also tries to pump his beloved coin by posting in various groups and asking: “Hello guys, does anyone know about this ‘the coin’ project? Should I invest?” Then he takes his AK-47, turns commentators location tracking device and waits until someone triggers the war by saying his ‘the coin’ is not a good investment.

4. The Party Breaker

This guy knows how to SHORT. Majority of his haters consists of Moon Boys. The Party Breaker is never welcome to chat when bitcoin price hits 2 percent gain after 20 percent drop, because the only phrases he uses is “we are still in a downtrend”,  “we are gonna test $2800”, “there is a lack of trading volume”, “no bullish sentiments are visible”. He is also the richest in the 2018 trading season.

5. The Optimist

After cryptocurrency markets experienced the decline of 90% since January 2018, this guy didn’t sell since then. For the record, he even encourages others to join onboard every time prices dip 5 percents more because he hears the bulls coming every time markets consolidate. He also has his own religion called “Institutional investors “.

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