Find Coffee Shops where you can pay using Cryptocurrency using brewstr

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June 20, 2019

If you’re into Cryptocurrency, you’re surely, by nature, interested in good coffee; it’s what gets us going in the mornings, or keeps us up at night, watching our TradingView graphs and Binance buy/sell queues going bezerk.

But where do I get a coffee if I’ve ditched that useless ‘fiat’ they talk about, and all I’ve got is my holy crypto wallets?

brewst is a new website / app recently launched, helping coffee snobs to find the best coffee experiences around the world.

Ashley Knowles, the founder of brewstr, told us that “brewstr has seen a fantastic response since its launch; in just under a month we have seen growth to over 1000 unique visitors per day, all looking for their daily coffee”.

Knowles, a solutions architect by day and coffee connoisseur by night (as well as on the obligatory coffee runs throughout the day with colleagues), found a niche in the market for finding great coffee experiences. He says, “Google and other services are great for finding a quick coffee, but they often don’t have accurate results when you’re looking for specific amenities, such as paying with cryptocurrency”.

Services such as ‘brewstr’ allow coffee drinkers to find coffee shops nearby which offer such services, but Knowles is quick to add, “we rely on business owners to make sure their information is up to date to show they offer these amenities”, which businesses can quickly add by adding their own business or claiming their existing listing added by coffee enthusiasts.

We questioned what could possibly make brewstr different to other services like Yelp, TripAdvisor and even the well known BeanHunter and a quick review of brewstr’s website revealed the answer to that immediately. The brewstr site was just about coffee; searching for listings in Melbourne, we found some 150+ coffee shops, with glossy listing pages for each, showing information such as which coffee beans they use and their brewing equipment, mostly showing off their usage of Chemex and Hario V60 devices.

Knowles says “we know it’s very similar in concept to some of our competitors, but we’ve been very intentional in making sure users can quickly find what they want, whether it’s espresso, cold pour or some other fancy coffee contraption. These are the experiences we’re hoping to help coffee enthusiasts find. We even have a filter for dog friendly coffee shops.”

In Knowles’ hometown of Brisbane, he pointed us towards one of his local favorites, ‘The Single Guys Coffee Co‘, the listing showing a bearded barista in the background, their choice of beans and a range of brewing methods. “I love a good espresso, but sometimes I’m keen to just have a cold brew or pour over coffee to relax. It’s just another way to appreciate the coffee a little more, much like whisky or wine.”

For crypto-currency enthusiasts who just so happen to be coffee snobs, we’ve found that brewstr offers a great way to quickly find coffee which takes crypto payments. To check out if there are coffee shops with crypto payments in your area, check out brewstr!